HMS Clinic Home Health and Consultancy Services is a consultancy company that provides health and care services as well as social life support to individuals with health problems at home. Our services provided in the comfort and safety of your home are offered to you by our professional, friendly support staff.

HMS Clinic Home Health and Consultancy Services, while prioritizing the firsts in the home health and care services sector, aims to work without compromising its professional principles and quality practices while implementing these services.

HMS Clinic Home Health and Consultancy Services will offer you services such as doctor at home, nursing at home, physiotherapist at home, caregiver at home and in hospital, psychiatrist / psychologist at home, ambulance services, medical imaging, laboratory services, home patient bathing and home care training in the field of doctor diagnosis, treatment and consultancy services in related branches.

HMS Clinic Home Health and Consultancy Services is a professional service organization that provides a new generation of private home health and care services that provide 24/7 service to you, our valued clients and those in need, with solutions prepared and adapted according to today's needs.

Home health care is the provision of the health support needed by the authorized service provider by bringing the patient and the health worker together in the home environment and conditions. It includes all medical organizations made to bring all possible hospital functions to the patient.

The most important objectives of home health care services are to provide the support required to continue the treatment of patients with mobility limitations, bed-dependent or bedridden patients who want to receive safe and comfortable services and patients with severe illnesses at home.

Home health care aims to enable elderly individuals to live independently in their own homes and to improve their quality of life.

Home care and health services, primarily home nursing services, respectively

  1. Doctor at Home Service
  2. Home Nursing Service
  3. Physiotherapist Service at Home
  4. Home Psychiatry / Psychologist Service
  5. Home and Hospital Caregiver Services
  6. Home Help Personnel Service
  7. Laboratory Service
  8. Home PCR / Antibody / Antigen Tests
  9. Ambulance Service
  10. Home Patient Care Trainings
  11. Patient Bath Service
  12. Home Hairdressing Service for the Elderly
  13. Babysitter and Play Sister

What are the Advantages of Home Health Care?

  • People who need health care at home can receive health services more freely and under their own control.
    It aims to improve their quality of life by enabling them to access the health and care services they need thanks to the service provided in the home environment.
  • Services are provided in patients' homes according to their own rules.
  • In recent processes, there is less risk of contracting infectious infections while receiving home health care.
  • Home health care has a positive impact on the patient's quality of life.
  • Receiving home health care is a convenience for individuals whose health condition cannot go to the hospital.
  • Being a part of your care plans and providing support alongside your family and relatives is a very important gain.
  • Treatment continues faster and also saves time for patients and their relatives.