For our patients who cannot go to health institutions for examination and treatment services, who want to receive the doctor's examination at their location, who want emergency treatment support, who are bedridden, who have lost their mobility, we provide the doctor's examination in their home and without reducing their quality of life.

Our doctors who provide home health support (except in cases requiring emergency intervention and/or ambulance support) will visit our clients at the location of their choice at any time and will apply the necessary treatments for your health by performing the necessary medical examinations if necessary.

In cases requiring special expertise, specialist doctors of the relevant branch serve you. When necessary, consultation services (receiving medical assistance from a specialist physician about issues outside the physician's area of expertise) are organized to ensure that our patients receive the best service.

Home Health Doctor Services:

  • Specialist Doctor Consultation Services
  • Necessary Medical Treatment and Medication
  • Regular and Systematic Patient Control and Follow-up
  • Monitoring and Supporting Acute and Chronic Diseases
  • Medical Counseling and Coordination Services
  • Specialist Doctor Examination at Home
  • General Practitioner at Home
  • Online Doctor Consultation