In the comfort of your home and without wasting time, you can continue to receive your treatments under the control of our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation specialist physicians and accompanied by our physiotherapists.

Home physical therapy services are ideal for patients who are unable to come to the hospital after surgery, those with a history of trauma, epidemics and infectious diseases or age.

Home Physical Therapy services are the provision of physical therapy services at home in neurological diseases such as paralysis (stroke), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, hip-knee prostheses, hip fractures, anterior cruciate ligament surgeries or in elderly patients with weakened muscles, unable to walk, and patients with limited mobility.

In Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services at home, the duration and plan of treatment is determined by our physiotherapists according to the patient's age, medical history and physical condition. The physiotherapist will provide the service to the patient at the bedside according to the treatment plan determined by the physiotherapist.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation sessions last approximately 1 hour, but the frequency of the treatment sessions is determined by our physiotherapist doctors, taking into account the patient's age, disease and physical condition.